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  • Brand: Terra Apuliae

Vincotto (Balsamic Vinegar)Balsamico - Terra Apuliae



A rich full bodied sweet wine and grape must reduction. Use as a rich dark balsamic vinegar. Great on salads, meats and dips. Also serves to naturally enhance flavour.

High in healthy antioxidants and polyphenols.

Free from colourants and additives.

Cuettu (Cooked Wine) -Terra Apuliae

€11.82 €10.62


A mellow cooked grape must syrup, divine if used on ice creams and cakes.
Is a natural tonic suitable for all ages and rich in natural antioxidants.
Serve cold or warm.

Free from colourants and additives.

Balsamic Primitivo's Glaze - Terra Apuliae



Enhance your enjoyment of good food with the Vincotto Primitivo’s glaze. Use both on hot and cold, savoury and sweet dishes. 

Free from colourants, additives and starch.