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Since time immemorial the myrtle, a bush of mediterranean flora par excellence, has been used here in Puglia for its aromatic properties - the berries used to make rosolio and the leaves to preserve olives in salted water. This same plant is in the local dialect called "mortedda" and was known even by the ancient Greeks as a symbol of youth and love; even nowadays in Great Britain it is used in wedding flower bouquets. The myrtle bush can be found all over the South of Italy and has been praised in song by Horace and Goethe; besides, it is an excellent balm, a digestive and tonic substance. Here follows a simple recipe: boil 600 ml of full-cream milk and let it cool. When cold add 300 g. of sugar, 300 ml. of pure alcohol, 125 ml of cream and a glass of myrtle rosolio. Yum, yum.

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Myrtle Rosolio (Liquor) - Masseria il frantoio


Alcool: 35

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