Gianfranco Fino - ES


Year: 2018

Denomination: Primitivo di Manduria DOP

Vines: Primitivo

Size: 0,75L

Alchol: 16,5



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The Es according to Freud: It is instinct and unbridled passion (the same with which this wine was produced) without conditions, without rules, beyond space and time, logic and morality. It knows neither good nor evil. The Es, is subject to only one principle: "THE LIKE".

Exposure: Flat

Altitude: about 98 Mt Slm

Rootstock: 34 E.M.

Classification: Primitivo Di Manduria Doc

Harvest time: end of August

Production area: Agro Di Manduria and Sava in the Province of Taranto

Soil: Red Earth

Vine: Primitivo

Extension of the vineyard: 8,50 Ha

Age of the vineyard: About 60 years old

Breeding form: Sapling

Number of buds per plant: From 4 to 6

Planting sixes: 1.40 x 1.40

Average yield in grapes per plant: 400 Gr.

Bottles: 15000 of 750 ml

IN THE VINEYARD: Little use of chemistry using preferably cover products to combat the main vine ampelopathies, weed mowing, no irrigation and no fertilization.

HARVEST: Slight drying of the grapes on the plant, hand-picked in plastic boxes with careful selection of the bunches, transport by truck with isothermal cell.

IN THE CELLAR: Sorting table, destemming, soft crushing of the berries, maceration in 70 Hl stainless steel vats, skin - must contact from two to three weeks, grape marc hair temperature control, 2 delestage per day. Pressing of the marc with hydraulic vertical press with stainless steel cage

After racking immediately in French oak barriques 50% new and 50% second passage... Daily batonnage until the first racking. After about 9 months of maturation in wood the wine without the aid of clarifiers and without tartaric precipitation is bottled and after about 9 months of aging is released for consumption.

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Gianfranco Fino - ES

Year: 2018

Denomination: Primitivo di Manduria DOP

Vines: Primitivo

Size: 0,75L

Alchol: 16,5

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